Monday, December 12, 2011

ZoneFast Weight Loss Program1-2-3 Review

The Zone Weight Loss Program is one of the well-known alternative diet plans.  It’s a high protein plan, but it doesn’t eliminate carbs.  As a cookie & cake kinda girl, this is important to me.  The Zone is also good for diabetics as it doesn’t spike your blood sugar levels. 

The Zone 1-2-3 plan is a scientifically based plan that eliminates the “toxic fat” that is stored in your body at the cellular level.  Toxic fat (really, arachidonic acid) is created by corn, wheat, and vegetable oils like safflower, corn, sunflower, and soy. 

I had the opportunity to take the ZoneFast 1-2-3 plan for a test drive.  There was an assortment of breads, pastas, cinnamon rolls, and cookies, along with a menu book and a suggested meal plan.   There were even brownies!  As I perused the meal plan, I noticed lots of really tasty sounding meals.  I mean, we’re talking pasta dishes, and big salads.  Bagels.  Sandwiches even!  You add your own veggies & main protein sources, so you can customize the meals to eat what you like. 

During the 2 weeks I did the plan, I lost 8 lbs!  This is totally uncommon, but I tend to drop weight pretty easily, once I set my mind to it.  Tough break to have, I know.  But more important than that, I didn’t feel hungry.  After a couple days, I noticed that I didn’t get distracted as easily and could stay on task a lot better.  I even noticed I had a lot more energy!  I do have a pretty regular fitness plan that I stuck to during this - I walk 2 miles a day, so that probably aided in my weight loss. 

I thought that the meals were pretty good and satisfying.  The baked goods & pastas are packed with protein.  I didn’t feel that affected their taste, but the breads were quite dense.  The brownies were really good.  I thought that the cookies, which were a rice krispy-cookie-candy blend, were overly sweet. 

All in all, I’d totally recommend it. 


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