Thursday, December 22, 2011

SHINE Cards: A Woman's Guide to Herself

The girls over at The SHINE Factor, Mimi and Kim Shannon, are on a mission to empower women - to allow each of us to become who we can be.  I recently received a set of their SHINE Cards and accompanying book to see just how they might help me. If you’ve read my About Me section, you might know that my life’s course was altered drastically this year.  Last Fall, changes occurred, and I literally would not have guessed that this is what I would be doing now. 

The Shine Card deck and book are designed to help you focus, or re-focus your mindset.  I decided to use the once per week draw; and I shuffled the deck several times.  I drew my card - Out of the Box.  From the book’s definition “You are paving new pathways, garnering new insights.  Your OOTB self wants to leave the same old/same old behind and use her intuition, smarts and trust in self and spirit to go in new directions and explore herself and the world in new unique ways.”

The goal is to focus on the strength - think about the trait, and try to find ways you already have it in your life, and ways that you can more fully work it into your daily routine.  The Shannons suggest using a journal to write your thoughts - and incorporate it into your daily routine.  They also suggest meeting with friends and each woman drawing a card, and using the group to help empower each other.

I found this to be an interesting exercise to see myself differently; and believing that there is nothing random about shuffling a deck and drawing a random card, that this might be a great way to re-focus how I think and feel about myself.  Although I didn’t start a journal for the words I chose, the SHINE Cards did make me pause to consider the traits and how I felt about myself in them.

I received no compensation for this post.  I did receive an item for review purposes only.  I was not required to write a positive review. 


Mina Slater said...

This sounds like something I would love and really find useful! I'm so pinning this!

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