Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dog E Glow Light Up Leashes Review - Holiday Gift Guide

Dog E glow is a totally different kind of dog leash & collar. They light up to help your dog be seen. How cool is that?

When the owner’s beloved pet was hit by a car, they came up with the idea of a lighted collar and leash. With a flexible LED tube sewn into each collar and leash, they are visible for up to 1,000 feet! There’s also two settings for the lights – you can have them blink or have them stay on steadily.

I think these would be great for taking your dog on long walks. I like to take walks that area couple miles or go hiking. Sometimes, it’s dusk before I get back and the Dog E Glow collar and leash would be fantastic for that! Especially in the fall and winter, when it gets dark so early.

I have to admit – I was a little leery of how well these would work. When I was playing with them in the package, I kept thinking to myself – these aren’t very bright. But when I got the leash out, and used it, I think it got brighter the farther away I was. Personally, I found the flashing to be a bit distracting, but I could see how others might like that better.

The collars are available in medium and large sizes only. The leashes are available in 6 ft lengths and are a heavy weight for large breed dogs. Dog E Glow has lots of fun patterns, too – including a whole section of officially licensed NCAA teams!

I do wish they made these geared for smaller breeds, too. I would also suggest making the collars for extra large breeds. Perhaps harnesses, too! I totally would have purchased a product like this for my Dachshund, but he wore a harness instead of a collar.

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Life With Captain Fussybuckets said...

These are so cute and useful!!

Ashley S said...

Oooo I so need one of these for my dogs! They always want to go for walks and this is perfect for in the evening once it is dark.

Callista said...

Cool! We don't walk our dog at night but this would be really helpful if we did. Great idea.

Roxy said...

LOVE those leashes. My dog is the laziest thing alive, but if I ever see an active dog (and owner), I'll be sure to spread the buzz!!

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