Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cool Totes makes Cool Lunch Bags

I pack a lunch every day that I have to go to the office.  Part of it is out of necessity – if you try to eat healthy, it’s really difficult to drive thru somewhere and get lunch.  And most of our grocery stores don’t have the nice salad bars that many other areas have.  I’ve been carrying the same lunch bag for a few years now and it was definitely time for an upgrade.  That’s where Cool Tote comes in!  

I received a Lunch Sack Grande – hey, I’m a hungry girl! – in the Tahiti print.    The Tahiti print is bright and cheery with tropical flowers on a blue background. One of the first things I noticed is that it has a convertible hand and Shoulder strap.  There’s also a reusable ice pack that fits into an interior pocket.  Shaped like a conventional brown paper lunch bag, the lunch sack has a foldover flap with a large Velcro closure.   The only bad part of that is that if you try to sneak a snack, everyone knows! 

The Lunch Sack Grande has a cotton exterior and is lined with black nylon, like the kind they use for windbreaker jackets.  The Thermo-tek insulation is made from recycled soda bottles!  How cool is that?  Clocking in at 11x7x4 inches, there’s plenty of room for my plastic containers and my fruits and veggies.  Plus, I can add bulkier snacks like crackers and cookies, too. 

I think this would be perfect to take on short road trips or a day trip in the car.  Cool Totes recommends using the bag for baby bottles, too, which is something I never even thought about!  The liter bottles also fit fantastically in the Lunch Sack Grande.  All in all, this is a wonderful, multi-purpose lunch bag. 

I received a sample for review purposes only.  I received no compensation.  I was not required to write a positive review.  All opinions are mine. 


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