Friday, December 9, 2011

How To Shave with a Brush and Safety Razor

Shaving really has become a lost skill.  Usually, it’s such a chore that you totally dread doing it.  Add in the cuts, nicks, razor burn and irritated skin, sometimes I wonder why we do it at all.  It doesn’t have to be that way, though.  Here’s how to get a great shave. 

The key items that you need are a nice razor, a great shaving brush, and a glycerin based shaving cream or soap.  These usually come in cakes/bars or a small tub or canister. 

The first step is to be sure that your skin is wet.  The perfect time to shave is after a hot shower.  The heat helps soften your hairs, relaxes you, and opens the pores of your skin.   In addition, the water adds an extra layer of lubrication between the lather and your skin.  

Next, you’ll want to take the shaving brush – a badger shaving brush is the best – and the shaving cream/soap.  Fill your sink with hot water.  Let the brush soak in the water while it fills up.  Splash some water on your face to make sure it stays wet.   Take your brush out of the sink and let the brush drain, just until it’s not constantly running water out of it.  Swipe it across your shaving cream/soap a couple times, until some lather appears.  Use the brush to lather up your face and neck.  You should have a nice, frothy layer, but it shouldn’t look like it came from a can of drugstore shaving cream. 

Get you razor.  A safety razor is fantastic for this.  Shave with the growth of your hair.  For most people, that’s north-to-south.  This should get most of the growth with one pass of the razor!  If you want a closer shave, lather up again and make another pass, this time going against the grain.  Be warned, this may cause some skin irritation.  Go very slowly with a light hand. 

Once you’re cleanly shaven, wash your face with cold water and pat dry.  Rinse your shaving brush and set it on it’s handle end, standing up.   Finish with a great moisturizer.  Voila! 

As a side note – while this was written for the guys, this method works wonders for the ladies as well. 

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