Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekend Gathering Blog Hop 9/30

 Welcome to our Weekend Gathering Hops!  This 5 way link up is hosted by Adventures of Frugalmom, Beck Valley Books, Beauty Brite, mumwrites, and Nifty Mom to help socialize with fellow bloggers, gain traffic, new followers, make new friends, and more!

This week's Guest Hosts are: Well-to-Do and How Was Your Day

Beauty Brite Weekend Gathering Hops

Fashion Friday: StyleFind

Have you heard about StyleFind? StyleFind is a great site that allows you to find great items from all over the web.

Is there a new trend that you've seen and love? Take, for example, Navajo. The editors of StyleFind have put together a collection of great items. Want to explore Navajo more? Just do a search!

Or maybe you need some help determining your best jeans for the fall. StyleFind's editors have put together collections based on body type to help you find the jeans you'll want to live in. Not quite sure what your body type is? There's a handy-dandy quiz for that!

StyleFind isn't just fashion though! Oh no. They also have beauty and accessories! Items are broken down into just about any category you want and the search engine is crazy powerful! This is a search I did for mineral:

It got cut off, but there's 106 pages of mineral makeup and related items. 106 pages!!

One complaint that I do have about StyleFind is that they seem to only pull their items from the big sites (Anthropologie, Zappos, Piperlime, Ulta, etc.) While there are sites & brands I wasn't familiar with, I was hoping to find a lot more of the indie lines and sites that could really use a boost by being included in a site like this.

I participated in this campaign as part of the BzzAgent campaign.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Alexa Stop, Hop, and Drop - Vol 2

Welcome to the Alexa Stop Hop and Drop blog hop. The rules are really simple.

  1. Download the Alexa toolbar. This is very important. You can download it here.
  2. Add your site to the linky.
  3. Visit people and make new friends. It's best if you go a couple pages deep. Click on some other posts. And if it's a blog that interests you, why not give them a GFC follow or like them on Facebook?
  4. Leave a comment! That way, they'll know you were there.
  5. Watch your ranking drop.

If you'd like to spread the word, share the button above! The more, the merrier and the better for your ranking.  I'll also choose one participating blog to be the guest host for next week. 

Zuuzs $175 Visa Giftcard Giveaway

I have teamed up with Jennifers Savings to bring you this wonderful giveaway offered by Zuuzs. One lucky winner is going to win a $175 VISA giftcard!!!

Let me tell you a little about Zuuzs, a site where you can Shop great stores, Share deals and opinions, and Earn cash. Not only can you enter for a chance to win this $175 VISA Giftcard-Zuuzs also has a $1000 Shopping Spreestakes going on right now that you can earn entries just by joining and inviting your friends. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Greenbug Pest Control for People - Review and Giveaway

I'm a fair-haired, fair-skinned kinda gal.  Bugs - they like me.  No, scratch that, they LOOOOVVVE me.  I spend my time either indoors or being eaten alive. That's part of the reason I was so glad to find Greenbug!

Greenbug is an all-natural pest control spray for people.  It's cedar based and pesticide free.  You can use Greenbug anywhere except on plants and around birds. 

Greenbug repels ants, mosquitos, ticks, biting flies, chiggers, and no-see-ums.  It also claims to work on bedbugs and head lice.  I've been using it on my daily walks and haven't had an issue with bugs being attracted to me.  They also have a formulation for pets. 

Since it's cedar-based, I think that it would work well to protect your wool garments from moths.  

Greenbug has kindly offered to give one lucky reader a 2 oz personal sized bottle of their all-natural pest spray.

Enter after the jump

Dracula in Love by Karen Essex - Review

Dracula in Love is Karen Essex's retold tale of the true relationship between The Count Dracula and Mina, his schoolteacher lover/soulmate.

Mina is haunted her entire life by a mystery man/protector who keeps watch over her until her wedding.  At that point, they become re-acquainted.  The mystery man sabotages her impending marriage.  He whisks her away to safety and their doomed future.  Although he's waited several lifetimes for their relationship, he'll have to wait another.

This book had a really slow start as Essex felt it necessary to introduce so many characters from the original Dracula, by Bram Stoker.  Once she got down to the relationship between Mina and the Count, it was a good read, and moved swiftly.  Unfortunately, it took 200 pages to get there.  Her version of their relationship was interesting and believeable; I would have like to read more about them.  The supporting characters were uninteresting and without depth, for the most part.

Personally, I felt that Essex was angling for a movie deal with all the various unimportant characters and details.

I'd rate this 2/5

A visit to Staples

I'm a bit of an office supply addict. It's all my mother's fault, I suppose. She is a pen snob, and introduced me to the finer points of nice stationery at a very early age.

I really prefer going to the independently owned stationery stores, but as we don't have a good one here, I end up going to Staples. One great thing about Staples is that when they clearance items, they mark them down substantially!  I found the above treasures on my last visit.

4 - hardbacked spiral bound notebooks.  I bought one of each color.  There's also a black one that's not shown, because I couldn't find it when picture time came.  I have a feeling a certain someone nabbed it for work. 

1 - leather covered 6x9 journal.  It had lined paper and a ribbon bookmark, too.  It makes me feel all grown-up.  I'm not sure why, but it does! 

1 - refill for the journal.  

All for just under $13.  I was there for boring stuff like tape and a ream of paper.  When all was said and done, my total was $24.92.  I'm always sure to scour the back aisles thoroughly!

This is something I noticed when I was working on stuff last night.  I guess I like red.  

Monday, September 26, 2011

Jack O Lantern Stud Earrings GIVEAWAY

Have I mentioned that I love Fall yet?  Because I do!! I love jewelry, too. 

Get ready with these amazing little stud earrings.  Vintage glass pumpkins seem to glow with a mysterious power.  Very delicately sized, these are less than half an inch in diameter.  I think they'd be cute for kids, too. 

Just a reminder - all mandatory entries need to be completed for any of your entries to count!  Rafflecopter form after the jump.

Fab Five - Autumn Edition

Autumn is my favorite season - by far!  This is just a few of the reasons why. 

Pumpkin Spice Latte

YES! It was last weekend that I saw it was available again. That is always one of my key indicators that fall is coming.

Trees changing colors

I've always loved seeing the leaves change colors. has a great Fall Foliage Map that helps you find where trees are changing in your area.


 It's time to start breaking out the sweaters, scarves, and other knits.  Argyle cardigan from Ann Taylor Loft, $69.50.

Cooler Weather

This summer was ridiculously hot where I live, so this is a really welcome change.  

Cozy Nights snuggled up  

I love snuggling up by a fire with a blanket and a cup of tea or cocoa.  Sometimes I read, sometimes I watch tv or a movie.  Picture is of Cross Lake House in MN.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Giveaway Rundown -

I have some really great giveaways ending soon. Tell a friend!

Iolo System Mechanic Software ends September 25/26 at midnight eastern time. Computer running slow? Do a lot of web surfing? Enter to win this software!

Facebook Fan Drive ends September 30. To enter, it's simple: Recommend the How Was Your Day? fan page to your friends. Make sure that they tell me who referred them by posting something like "Greta B sent me." I will keep a running tally. The person with the most referrals wins a box of goodies.

Maple Leaf Necklace ends September 27. A great little necklace that's fall-inspired.

Girl Money roll on perfume ends September 28. A nice sized roll-on perfume oil in a fantastic scent.

Sloane Vintage Button Ring ends October 1. Fabulously fun carved flower ring that's made from a vintage button.

Stretch Bracelets Tall Stack ends October 2. 10 assorted bracelets that are great for layering, stacking, mixing and matching.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Need Some New Music? FREEBIE

Could you use some new music in your repertoire?  I know I am always up for new tunes, and it's even better when they're free!  

Spin Magazine is offering a curated playlist that's free to download!  12 new songs, totally free.  Just go to their site and follow the easy directions. 

If you hurry, you can get the September Playlist, too!  That's another 10 free tunes. 

Thanks, Inspiring You 2 Save!

Fashion Friday: Nail Polish

I love nail polish. Like, I seriously looooooove nail polish. Among the many reasons that I like it so much is that nail polish is an inexpensive, fairly quick pick me up. You can pick up a bottle for a couple dollars or you can go have a manicure an treat yourself to some pampering.

Blaze Nail Polish

Remember those Hypercolor clothes that changed color in the sun? Well, this nail polish does the same thing.  Some are a subtle change - pink to a darker pink or purple, while some shades change from blue to green! Cray-cray! $12.95 each.

Essie In The Bag Collection

I know. These have been out for a little while, but it's a great collection for people that need to be a little more conservative in their choice of makeup.  A gorgeous collection of shades that could be used year-round.  $8 each.

Nail Polish Strips

There are quite a few of these out there currently.  Sally Hanson has a line, as does Avon.  So does Sephora. I haven't  tried these, mainly because I don't think picking them up when I'm out and about.  Maybe I'll need to plan to do so!

DIY Fun Times

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Alexa Stop, Hop and Drop - Vol 1

Welcome to the inaugural Alexa Stop Hop and Drop blog hop.  The rules are really simple. 

  1. 1. Download the Alexa toolbar.  This is very important.  You can download it here
  2. Add your site to the linky.
  3. Visit people and make new friends.  It's best if you go a couple pages deep.  Click on some other posts.  And if it's a blog that interests you, why not give them a GFC follow or like them on Facebook? 
  4. Leave a comment!  That way, they'll know you were there.  
  5. Watch your ranking drop. 
If you'd like to spread the word, share the button above!  The more, the merrier and the better for your ranking.

Iolo System Mechanic GIVEAWAY - Rafflecopter Roundup - $500 Value

I reviewed Iolo's System Mechanic software previously. Now you have the opportunity to win a copy of your own! Thanks to the Iolo, ten (10) lucky winners will each win a copy of System Mechanic. valued at $49.95.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Chowder, Blues, and Brews - Florence, OR

Chowder, Blues, and Brews in Florence, OR might be one of the best, creatively self explanatory titles for an event ever.  This fun-filled 3-day weekend in October is exactly as described. Running October 7-9 for 2011and is the 10th anniversary of the event

Blues musicians descend upon the small, Idyllic town on the Oregon coast, filling it with music for the 3 days. On saturday, there's a chowder cookoff that is judged by the attendees.  Add in great beer by some of the best microbreweries in the Pacific Northwest and you've got yourself a good time!

Ticket prices range from $7 for friday only up to $17 for the entire weekend. 

Chowder, Blues, & Brews info

Monday, September 19, 2011

Iolo System Mechanic - Review

When I received the opportunity to take Iolo's System Mechanic software for a test drive, I jumped at the chance. Having an older desktop that I prefer to work on, I figured this program could only help it!

It was easy to install. I just downloaded it, clicked the yes button, and off it went!

I came to the screen above and had it scan my system.  After a couple minutes, a screen popped up telling me what was wrong with my system. Basically, I'm just loaded down with junk from stuff I've downloaded, surfing the web, and the like.

I had System Mechanic repair all.  A few minutes later, it had done it's job!  I then chose to run the CRUDD remover.  CRUDD stands for Commonly Redundant or Unneccessary Decelerators and Destabilizers. 

CRUDD remover might be my favorite feature of System Mechanic. It scans your system and finds all the redundant programs that you have installed. For example, I discovered that I had 8 search toolbars installed. Rather than uninstalling these programs for you, System Mechanic simply shows you what similar programs you have and lets you choose which ones to keep or delete.

After running CRUDD and the initial tasks, I received a good status on my desktop. I didn't run all the in-depth tools that System Mechanic offers, but Old Faithful is now purring like a kitten, in just about an hour of time.

List Price $49.95
I'd definitely recommend this

Want your own copy? Go to Iolo's website and purchase it. Orrrr...stay tuned for Rafflecopter Round Up, where you'll have the chance to win a copy!

I received a copy at no cost to facilitate this review.  

Gold On The Fly Earrings - GIVEAWAY

Are you an angelic good girl? Or are you a little bit bad and naughty?

Channel your inner rock star or your angelic side with these! Sweet little golden wings hang from elongated earwires. Delicate and nearly weightless. About 2 inches in length.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Maple Leaf Necklace - GIVEAWAY!

Fall has flung. Well, September 23rd officially, but close enough! Be ready with this elegantly funky necklace.

Maple leaves in festive fall shades are scattered, like they've just been blown off the trees. Pendant is 1 1/4 inches, satin cord is about 19 inches.

Fab Five: Cheese TV

We all have those bad tv shows that we watch. The ones that are so bad they're good. This is my list.

Stone Undercover

I'm a sucker for bad Canadian tv shows. DaVinci's Inquest, Cold Squad, He Shoots, She Scores. The list goes on and on. Stone Undercover may be my very favorite, though.

The Unit

I just started watching this in the past year or so. It's fantastically cheesy. An elite military unit and their wives(?!) fight terrorists around the globe. Um, what?

In the Heat of the Night

Focusing on a small town police department in fictional Sparta, MS. They try so hard to be fully integrated and not biased at all that it almost comes around the other way to get 'em. Interracial relationship? Uh huh. Local boy goes to big city and comes back home? Yup. Female in power? Check.

The View

I admit it. I watch to see what's gonna happen. I'm still hoping for another nuclear meltdown and want to see Elisabeth flip the table RHONJ-style or Joy bish-slap her. Yeah...

All My Children/One Life to Live

I've been a long tome follower of the goings-on in Pine Valley and Llanview. I'm sad to see the shows go, but mannn...some of the storylines are way too recycled. And time either stands still or you come back after a brief hiatus and the kids are now adults with their own families. I'm looking at you Kevin/Joey/Jessica Buchannan.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

On the move!

I'm moving to my own domain. YAY!! However, with that comes a few broken links and wonky pages. BOOO!!!

You'll be able to find all the goodness at now.

I'll get them fixed over the next day or two, so be patient. All should be good by Sunday afternoon or Monday. The Labels in the left hand sidebar should still direct you wherever you wanna go.

Assortment of Fancy-ish Seals and Stickers - GIVEAWAY

A couple weeks ago, I showed you how to make your own fancy seals. Well, now I'm giving you a chance to win some!

Win 50ish large self adhesive seals. With all different patterns, textures, shapes, and sizes, there is certain to be something for everyone!

Use them to seal packages, as to/from tags, love notes, scrapbooking, cardmaking, decoration, ummm...lots of things!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekend Gathering Blog Hop 9/16

 Welcome to our Weekend Gathering Hops!  This 5 way link up is hosted by Adventures of Frugalmom, Beck Valley Books, Beauty Brite, mumwrites, and Nifty Mom to help socialize with fellow bloggers, gain traffic, new followers, make new friends, and more!

This week's Guest Hosts are: Random Deals, Let's Start Saving Now, and How Was Your Day

Oversized Cheetah Print Scarf - GIVEAWAY

I know that you're saying "Greta, you forgot one of the biggest ways to incorporate a trend into your wardrobe."  Did I?  Or did I decide to give scarves their own post?  Especially since I have an oversized animal print scarf ready for one lucky winner! 

Fashion Friday - Animal Prints

I have to admit it - I have always loved animal print. Ever since I can remember, I've always had some accessory or piece of clothing that was animal - even when it wasn't in vogue. Zebra shoes, a pony satchel, a cheetah big was like a menagerie in my closet.

Here are some way to inject animal into your wardrobe.

Tyler Satchel
A cute bag at a ridiculously low price.  Under $25 from Payless Shoes.

Zebra Hair Cowboy Boots

Oh my!  I have to admit - these are calling my name!  A bit pricey for a trend, but Ariat makes boots to last.  I particularly like the turquoise lining and piping.  From Ariat.  

Leopard Penny Loafers

Penny loafers are back for fall.  You know the old saying 2 trends, one shoe.  Or something like that.  From Aerosoles, so you know these are ridiculously comfortable too. 

Bold Animal Print Ring

A great statement piece.  Fun, flirty. and a weapon if need be!  From QVC and under $20.

 Zebra Trench Coat

Totally wild and unexpected.  Of course, for around $60 for a coat, you can afford to be uber-playful! 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday Thought Roundup

I was glad that Landau won on America's Got Talent last night. He seems really genuine and sort of awestruck.

A robot is going to run the triathlon. Ummm...okay? I don't exactly understand the big deal about this but whatever. *shrugs*

I thought this recipe looked good. I'm a sucker for cobblers and cobbler-type dishes, though.

How cute is this? It'd be pretty inexpensive, too. They lined an old beat up drawer with sheet metal, covered it with paper, and use it as a magnetic shadowbox!

Stretch Bracelet Tall Stack - GIVEAWAY

Stacked bracelets were so hot for summer and the trend is continuing into fall. This Tall Stack of stretch bracelets is a great transitional accessory.

10 beaded bracelets that are coordinated. They can be worn together, separately, or a few here and there. Plus, they just slide on over your hand! That means you don't need help putting them on.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sloane Flower Vintage Button Ring - GIVEAWAY

Bold and mod.  Chic and retro.  It's even kitschy-cool!  A fantastic ring made from a vintage button.  Deep carved flower detailing on the face of the ring adds a ton of dimension,  The delicate chain of daisies that's carved around the edge adds some sweetness and unexpected detail.  Attached to a silverplated adjustable ring base, this ring will fit a myriad of sizes!

And one lucky reader will win it!

Remember - you must complete the mandatory entries to be entered to win!

Wordless Wednesday: You Turn Your Back

Turn your back for a second and you never know what's going to happen.  At least he's trying to help, right?  I have a feeling he's gonna be a handful as he gets older.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fruit Salad Earrings - A Tutorial

Want a new pair of crazy fun earrings?  Why not make some!   You're going to need some items:

  • Vintage Fruit Charms- 20 or so
  • 20 6mm Jump rings
  • A pair of Earwires
  • 4-5 inches of chain - I used 2 (two) 2 1/2 inch pieces.  It needs to have large enough links to attach to. A small cable chain works great
A note about vintage fruit charms:  These are normally sold in packs of 20-25.  25 should be enough for a pair, but make sure you have pairs of the fruit charms for matching earrings.

Monday, September 12, 2011

GIVEAWAY! Win a Girl Money Roll On Perfume

Win this fantastic perfume roll on in Girl Money!  Girl Money has notes of white carnation, blood orange, sandalwood, black rose, a touch of vanilla and a tiny kiss of patchouli and and musk for a sexy finish.  It is unlike anything I've ever smelled.  Sexy, sultry, and light all at the same time. And the staying power?  It lasts and lasts!  Really a high quality perfume!

It's oil based, rather than alcohol based, so it's not drying to your skin. 

This is for one large roll on perfume in Girl Money.  Approx .33 oz  From Bluebird Beauty.

Enter after the jump

Friday, September 9, 2011

Fashion Friday: A-Line Skirts

A-line skirts are so cute and flattering on almost all body types.  They're great for running around in summer, for both work and errands.  Pair them with tights and an A-Line Skirt will take you into fall. 

Women's Plus Size Eyelet A-line Skirt

This is a great basic piece - with a twist!  A navy blue A-line skirt made of eyelet.  Perfect for the summer into fall transition.  The eyelet pattern is subtle, so it's not too casual for the office.  I'd pair this one with a solid color tight.  From Land's End. 

Green Tweed Mini Skirt

For the more daring, this mini skirt is super adorable!  Now, I could never wear it, as I am of the thunder thigh tribe, but there are lots out there that could.  Pair it with heavy tights or even leggings.   By Tibi. 

Menswear Inspired Tweed A-Line Skirt

Another fantastic basic for Fall.  Dress it up, dress it down.  Wear with a white button down for a menswear inspired look.  Pair with a jewel-tone blouse for a bold pop of color.  Match it with a bodysuit and pile on the jewelry.  It's all good! 

Dizzie Plaid A-Line Skirt

Super casual and perfect for weekends.  It looks a lot like shorts, but it's a skirt.  This would be great for running errands or going to the Farmer's Market.  Organic cotton and reasonably priced at under $25 too!  From Horny Toad. 

White BadaBing A-Line Skirt

A fun print in a great cut.  A little bit longer, a little swingier.  A whole lot of cute.  Great for everyone from moms to pinups.  From indie brand Heartbreaker.  Under $50 & made in the USA.

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