Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday Thought Roundup

I was glad that Landau won on America's Got Talent last night. He seems really genuine and sort of awestruck.

A robot is going to run the triathlon. Ummm...okay? I don't exactly understand the big deal about this but whatever. *shrugs*

I thought this recipe looked good. I'm a sucker for cobblers and cobbler-type dishes, though.

How cute is this? It'd be pretty inexpensive, too. They lined an old beat up drawer with sheet metal, covered it with paper, and use it as a magnetic shadowbox!


jared's mum said...

wow, that dish looked so delicious, can i have a bite? ;)

the shadowbox looked so creative + beautiful, too.

am your newest follower, by the way, from weekend gathering hops. following you early before i get to tangled up with the events of the day! :)

Nali said...

Hello from the Alexa Drop hop! Yumm, that cobbler looks delicious!

xoxo, Nali

Anonymous said...

That shadowbox is SO cool!

I'm visiting from the Alexa hop. Stumbled your post, too, because that shadowbox is SO cool!

I know, I said it twice. But, it's true.

Emily said...

Let me know when you're making the cobbler and I'll be right over!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, so glad that you did. Following you back!

Emily from Nap Time Is My Time

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