Thursday, December 8, 2011

World Vision and The True Spirit of Christmas

World Vision is a fantastic organization that brings hope and self-reliance to people across the globe that need assistance.  You can make a difference. 

“The holiday season provides the perfect opportunity to honor a loved one and give a gift that has real-life implications on a family in need.  As little as $16 can feed a family in the US for a day or put a smile on the face of a young child by replacing their makeshift banana leaf ball for a real soccer ball.” Says Traci Coker, the World Vision Gift Catalog national director. 

While browsing through the World Vision  gift catalog, I was impressed by many things.  85% of each gift goes to their program.  The scope of the aid they provide is immense and all-encompassing.  Ranging from education to farming, clean water to providing small business loans, World Vision literally covers it all.  Even better, they believe in the Buy Local mantra.  Animals given in a region are purchased in that region – like Llamas in Peru or goats in Africa.  Many of the gifts are multiplied by corporate donors, too.  AS an example, you can buy $1100 of clothes and shoes or school supplies for just $100.00.  

If you’d like to see these gifts in action, you can!  Check out the True Spirit of Christmas tour.  World Vision staff and representatives are travelling around the world to see how the cows, ducks, goats, sheep, and other gifts have impacted the families, towns, and villages.  Everyone can follow along on facebook at

Whether its providing animals to a family in a village, teaching them self-sufficiency, buying supplies for schools all over, or purchasing handicrafts, you can make a difference. 


Ashley S said...

Wow, what a great charity! Love their message :) Headed now to check them out on Facebook.

bigguysmama said...

I love World Vision. They were at the Women of Faith conference I went to and my hair dresser actually carries a line that gives a percentage of it's sales to World Vision. How cool is that?


Anonymous said...

I love World Vision. I was not aware of the virtual tour. I will have to check that out.

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