Friday, November 18, 2011

Striped Shirt is Really Fun - Winner Wonderland Sponsor Spotlight

Admit it. We’ve all had them. The parents that want the family dressed alike – for whatever occasion. Maybe it was Hawaiian shirts. Matching pajamas, perhaps? My grandmother made all the girls in the family wear the same dress for a family portrait. Oh, and it was home-sewn – and not well.

Fast forward to 2011. Striped Shirt has a whole new take on the dressed alike group - striped shirts! These aren’t your Where’s Waldo shirts, either. Though, they do carry Red and White shirts. Laura Beck, the founder of Striped Shirt, originally intended these as an alternative to the licensed apparel of your favorite sports team. I find these shirts to be a whole lot more versatile.

I received a Cranberry and grey striped shirt. The cut of the shirt is pretty stylish. They’re not just a big, boxy cut. There’s some slight shaping in the right places for your womanly figure. The sleeves are a great, flattering length. Not too short, like cap sleeves can be, but not too long either.

I often have to layer my shirts so I stay covered. Not so with the Stripe Shirt. I have a really long torso, and the shirt hit me at the top of my hip. Talk about fantastic! The fabric is really nice too. It has a lot of stretch and a lot of memory, so it doesn’t get stretched out of shape. And it is so so sooo soft. One of the things I found to be really cute was the little striped shirt that was embroidered on the bottom hem of the shirt.  Priced at under $20, too!  You can't beat that price for this kind of quality. 

Lest you think that these come only in adult sizes – oh no. Available in infant sizes from 3 mos up to 18 mos. Kids sizes run from 2T all the way up to 8/9. And of course, adult women’s sizes. Those run from XS up to XL.

You could deck the whole family out in striped shirts for a fun Christmas trek. Or maybe you have a family reunion coming up. Why not get every part of the family a different color? Then you’ll know who’s who.

Not into the matchy matchy family photo? What about using these shirts for your scouting troop? I think they’d be great screen printed with a fun graphic design. Or even as their intended use - as a part of your sports teams’ apparel!

I do wish carried men’s sizes. I also think they’d be well-served by adding a size chart to their website. 

Where to find Striped Shirt:

Want to win a Striped Shirt of your own?   Come back on Nov 27th to enter! 


Melissa + Tiffany @ Home Grown Families said...

SO cute!!! I LOVE that idea!! :)
{And WHY don't they have mens sizes????}

Isra said...

I love this and you can tell they're not just boxy shirts but styled according to age/gender.

Admin said...

I love this, too. We DID do matching tee's one year for a family reunion- it was a hit:)


Laura O in AK said...

Love the idea for matching shirts at events or family photos.

Laura O in AK

jhitomi said...

That's a great idea about different colors for different parts of the family at a reunion. I think these shirts look really cute and comfy.

Mona said...

I love that they are so soft. There's nothing like the feeling of a favorite broken-in piece of clothing -- very familiar and comforting. Hubby still wears my favorite yellow-striped GAP t-shirt. It's over 15 yrs old, thread-bare, and torn in a few places. But I can't bring myself to get rid of it.

Helen said...

They do have such nice shirts, and it would be awesome of them to start carrying their shirts for men

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