Sunday, November 6, 2011

Along Came You - Children's Book Review

Along Came You is a fantastic children’s book.  Geared more towards adults, but enjoyable by everyone, Along Came You tells the story of a life before children compared and contrasted with a life after children.  There are verses that every mother (and the dads, too!) can relate to – like “Before you, I traveled light.  After you, every outing is a big event.”   Ain’t that the truth?!?

Karona says “This book was inspired by my reflections on how my son and daughter changed my life. I wrote it when they were 6 and 2. They are now 13 and 9. I am loving the parenting adventure! My hope and prayer is that all the parents out there who share this book with their children will be blessed in their parenting journey.”

Gorgeously illustrated by Estelle Cooke, with illustrations that everyone with kids can enjoy – like your fridge covered with artwork.  Or alphabet magnets covering every surface of your kitchen.   Hard cover with a sewn binding to last a really, really long time.   Along Came You is a fabulous, every night at bedtime book. 

Author: Karona Drummond
Illustrated by: Estelle Corke
Publisher: Zondervan Kids
Price: $15.99 US/$16.99 Can (hardcover)
Available: Bookstores everywhere.   Also Amazon,, and other sites.
Format: Hardcover, Paperback, eBook.  

Want to win a copy of your own?  Come by for Under The Tree Blog Hop running November 8-14.  It's all kid stuff! 


*Brittany C* said...

The illustrations are beautiful. I'd love to read this to my daughter! Thanks for sharing

polly said...

looks like a wonderful story...will get this for my 3 year old grandson..he loves all books

Carrie Phelps said...

This sounds beautiful & I would enjoy having a copy.

nicolesender said...

My son's family would enjoy this book.

Kimbuckjr said...

Beautifully written review, I am SOLD! 'IF' I don't win this book, I will have to visit the library and check it out so I can read it for myself. And then once I can afford it, I will purchase it!
I look forward to reading this beautiful book!
Thank You for the great review!

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