Monday, November 14, 2011

HWYD Happenings

There's a ton of stuff going on behind the scenes here at How Was Your Day!  New giveaways, new reviews, recipes, projects, and oh so much more!

One of the things I'm looking into is PunchTab.  PunchTab is a loyalty program where you earn points for visiting and posting on blogs.  You also earn points tweeting, sharing on Facebook, and Google +1'ing.   Perhaps you know about it already.  Maybe you've seen it on other blogs and didn't know what the heck it was - like me!  Right now, you can earn Giftcards for eBay, Groupon, or Zynga. 

Some of my fabulous bloggy friends and I were discussing PunchTab over the weekend and I thought I'd throw it out to all of you to decide!  Anyway, if you're interested in earning Giftcards for things you should already be doing here at HWYD, let me know! 

Here's a roundup of the giveaways going on at HWYD:

Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends - 11/14, US
Along Came You & Sewing a Friendship Books - 11/14, US

 Blush Hand Dyed Silk Scarf - 11/15, WW

Rockabilly Inspired Vintage Bobbies - 11/17, WW

Simply Celebrate Book - 11/17, US

Have a Groovy Christmas DIY Craft Set - 11/20, WW

Aeroplane Necklace - 11/21, WW


Grace said...

I haven't about this. more thing to research :)

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