Saturday, November 12, 2011

Check Out Tiny Prints Cards

Tiny Prints has an amazingly huge selection of Christmas Cards. Over 400 choices?!?  Oh my!  How can you choose?  These are some of my favorites.  

Tree Print:  I love the whimsical and retro combination!  

Ornamental Delights: I adore vintage ornaments!  

What a Delight: Another great, whimsical card!  Wonderful if you have a lot of pictures or a large family. 

Do you have an announcement to make this holiday season.  A new baby?  A new marriage or engagement, perhaps.  Maybe even a new home!   These cards are perfect for that!  

Classy Wishes: So classy and elegant! But not froufrou or dated!  
Merry and Bright: Very fun and on-trend, but not trendy.  

Banner of Dreams: Simple.  Classic.  Understated.  I adore these.   And I like the round die cut option, too!  

We've always had a wide cross-section of friends in our family.  Some were die-hard Christmas people, while others celebrated Hanukkah or Kwanzaa .  Some didn't celebrate any winter holiday at all.  

Peaceful Woods:  This is a fantastic card that's not Christmas-specific.  It could almost be non-seasonal.  Almost.

Merry Everything: This has always been one of my favorite sentiments.  All inclusive and expressing the feeling of the season!  Frankly, I think it could.should be a year-round mantra.

Check out Tiny Prints!  I'm sure there's something that's perfect for you, too.  


Michelle said...

Those are great cards! Stopping by from Super Stalker Sunday:) I'm not following you! Have a blessed day:)

Nicole {Miss Mommy} said...

New follower here from SSS :). Hope to see you around my place sometime :) xx

Cherished Events said...

Love all of these designs. I can't believe it's already that time of year. New follower from the Super Stalker Sunday hop.

Tara B said...

Thanks for the tiny prints giveaway

Tara B said...

So many cute designs, so hard to choose just one or two of them.. Thanks

sleepy headed mom said...

Tiny prints as such an awesome selection. I've gotten birthday cards from there. Usually when I go to get a card I have a hard time picking one because I can't find anything I like or anything that would fit the person's personality. On the tiny prints website I have trouble deciding because I like multiple cards. Lol.

Katrina said...

I love Tiny Prints! I have gotten several things from them in the past and never been disappointed! Thanks for the great giveaway!

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