Thursday, October 20, 2011

See Mix Drink - A Cocktail Guide

 A couple months ago, I was asked to tend bar at an event.  Not that I'm a celebrity or anything like that, I was just asked to tend bar.  I told them I gladly would, but I had no idea how to mix any kind of drink. 

Recently See Mix Drink came into my life.  Where was this book when I needed it?!?  See Mix Drink is a simple, well-illustrated guide to creating just about any cocktail you could want.   There's also a section devoted to what you need to have a swingin' bar, whether at home or setting up a business.  Don't know the difference between a rocks glass and a highball?  How about a muddler from a stirring spoon?  This guide has you covered!

Perhaps you need to make a liquor store run before a party?   See Mix Drink even has a guide to various spirits that includes how it's produced, popular brands, alcohol content and variations of the booze.

And in case you think you can't make mixed drinks at home, you can!!  There are very detailed, very visual illustrations that show exactly what you need.  Each ingredient is shown in a different color and items like lemons or mint are shown as pictures.  So, if you want to make a mojito, there's an illustration of a lime wedge & mint leaves, along with the rum, simple syrup, and club soda.  There's also a calorie count, for those trying to watch their waistline. 

This is a book that everyone should have on their shelf!  I think a lot of bars should have a copy, too. 

I received a copy for review.  I received no other compensation.


Carrie Phelps said...

This looks like a fun night with friends experimenting with yummy drinks!

Ginger said...

I like that there is a lot of pictures for better explanation. This book sounds like it would come in handy for holiday parties!

crftyduchess said...

This is a great book, I have no clue how to make drinks, soo this would be a great help

Stacy Fields said...

I'm a full time bartender & know how to make alot of drinks, but I would love to have this for reference to other drinks I don't make usually, or to even give me some ideas for new things to make for those people who aren't quite sure what they want & leave it up to me.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great book

Michelle Hayden said...

Sounds great! I make a mean Bloody Mary, but that's about it :)

*Brittany Choleva* said...

I'd love to try and make some fun drinks! I really need to learn! Thanks for your review!

Anonymous said...

Our Son is studying to be a chef, but also has a keen interest in being a part time bartender. This book looks like it would be priceless to a new bartender. It is exactly what he needs.

Thanks for introducing me to this book. ~Pauline

zekebamm said...

I'm a student studying beverage management, and this book would be so helpful to me!

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