Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Ugly Place: Storage Solutions

If there's anything that I'm short on, it's storage. Sure, I've got a fantastic deep, walk in closet with lots of wire shelving organization, but I don't have other closets where you put things. Like a linen closet, a coat closet, a utility closet, or really, even a usable pantry. So, I need double or even triple duty furniture and decor. And if it's cheap affordable, that's even better.

This shelf/sofa table is kind of cool! It's made with step stools! In my house, they'd need to be screwed together so there wasn't an avalanche, but that could easily be done.

I have to admit - I really like the shabby chic look. People who know me in real-life think it's a total dichotomy! This totally plays to my design wants.

I have no idea why, but it never occurred to me to simply cover those cookie tins with paper. I also like to spray paint them so they have a cohesive look. I also had never thought about creating my own dividers. Is it just an idea that is so simple and fantastic you overlook it or am I that dense?

Don't we all have plastic bins. Lots and lots of plastic bins. They're so handy, but none too pretty. This changes all that! If your bins are clear, you'll lose that, but so many of the bigger bins are opaque anyway.

Vertical storage is so important in a small space. Behind doors is a place that generally gets forgotten. This smaller sized over the door caddy is great! I never thought about storing lingerie there, either.

Do you have a great storage tip? Share it!


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