Friday, October 28, 2011

Fashion Friday: Sweater Dresses

I love a good sweater.  I'm not super fond of wearing a jacket unless I'm going to be outside for a while (like apple picking) or it's really cold.  I find a sweater keeps me toasty-warm but not too hot. 

Pink Rose Dress V-Neck Cable 

How great is this sweater mini dress?  A great cut that is so flattering to most body types.  I especially like the cable knit pattern.   While I'm digging the Teal, this sweater is also available in purple, brown, and a burnt orange.  The best part?  It's from Pink Rose, is available at Macy's, and really reasonably priced.  How reasonable, you ask.  Does $38 sound good to you?  It does to me.  Oh -  it's on sale right now for $24.99.  

Astrid Alpaca Minidress

Simply put, I adore Fair Isle and Intarsia knitting.  Sometimes, though, it can look a little ski lodge-y.  Sometimes, that's just not the look you're going for.   The Astrid dress is able to take fair isle knitting and make it totall modern, sophisticated, and dare I say - a little edgy.  This dress is handknit from delightfully soft undyed Alpaca yarns.  Swoon!  From Peruvian Connection.

Sweater Dress with Tucks

I love the line of this dress.  I like the way it falls from the bust, but isn't an empire waist.  The gold accent around the neckline seems to be just the right amount to be flattering but not fall over into tacky territory.  And, I have to admit - I dig the pockets.  I know they're not for everyone, but I like 'em.  From Roaman's. 

Striped Sweater Dress

I love this one.  I have a ridiculous affinity for stripes.  It's undeniable, and perhaps a bit of an obsession.  This dress is still really cute even if you don't love stripes like I do.  The flare of the skirt is fantastic.  That is one complaint I have about sweater dresses sometimes - I don't necessarily want it to be clingy everywhere.  I also really like that it looks like two pieces.  From Amanda Charles.

Cross Back dress

This is more of a tunic, as you'd definitely need some bottoms.  I love the detailing in the back.  However - I think this would be really cute with some jeans and maybe a thin long sleeve top underneath.  You could wear it as-is when the weather warms up, too.  Great for casual date nights or being cute while running errands.  From Charlotte Russe. 



Anonymous said...

These are so cute! I have a sweater dress that I got about 3 years ago.. probably time for a new one. My favorite here is the Astrid Alpaca.

Anonymous said...

very cute :)

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