Monday, October 31, 2011

Painting Birthday

Guest post of the week by Roscoe Harris

I came home last week and was really excited to see that my husband had gotten me a surprise. My surprise was actually something that I have been asking for at least for three years. When I got home I noticed that all of the switch plate covers, outlet covers, and pictures were off the walls. The only things left on the walls was ADTequipment. There was blue tape and painter’s cloths on the floor. He was going to do some painting in the house! I have been dying to spruce up the colors in our place for a long time, but a lot of other things needed to be done around the house before we could paint. He had a book of paint chips and balloons. A few minutes later there was a ring at the doorbell. I answered the door and he had ordered my favorite pizza, Hawaiian. We spent my birthday evening drinking beer, eating cake and Hawaiian pizza, and picking out color chips. What a wonderful birthday spent at home!


couponingfromFL2MI said...

That really does sound ideal!

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