Monday, October 10, 2011

Fab Five - Plaid

I like all things preppy. Plaid, stripes, argyle, cardigans. mmmhhhmmm. I always have, I'm not sure why, as my parents are total free-spirits.  Perhaps it's my form of rebellion.

Plaid Laptop

Squee!! I saw this while surfing the interwebs last week and it immediately went on my Want list. It's a lid, so it's reasonably priced, too.

Plaid Card Case

Wow.  This card case is created out of woven beads in a plaid pattern.  Simply amazing!  I see argyle in it, too.  Photo via

 Plaid Gloves

How great are these?   Plaid driving gloves with leather palms!!   Very elegant looking, especially for the price.  Around $20 at Target. 

Plaid Pumpkins

Paint your pumpkins this year!  You won't have to carve them and they'll last for a really long time.  This might also be a great decor idea for Thanksgiving. 

Plaid Candles

L-O-V-E these!  So pretty, and the candle seems to glow when lit. 


Mango said...

that candles are so lovely! :)

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