Friday, October 7, 2011

Fashion Friday: Boots

I love boots. They're so versatile! Wear them with skirts, pants, dresses, leggings (gasp!) Sometimes you can even wear them with shorts.

Knee High Boots
I have always wanted a pair of over-the-knee boots. I mean, since I was 9 or so. Maybe it was when I watched Pretty Woman, I don't know.  These are from Stuart Weitzman and are as much as my rent. Eeek! I do love the fact that they're flats. We need more stylish flats!

 Low Cowboy Boots
 How cute are these?  Studded and like a cross between a cowboy boot and a motorcycle boot.  Fantastic for those who might be a little ample in the calf area, not that I would know anything about that.  Nope, not me.  ;) From Kenneth Cole and verrrry reasonably priced!  I've seen them online priced as low as $40.  These are year-round boots.

Rain Boots

Until I moved to the Pacific Northwest, I never really understood why people had rain boots.  Then I got Wellie fever.  Once I moved to the Midwest, I understood the need for insulated rain boots.

I think these are adorable!  Better yet, it's a DIY!  And inexpensive! 

They're like shoes but kinda like booties.  They're shoeties!  Less than an ankle boot, more than a pump.  Fabulous with pants!  These are from Dillards. 

Ankle Boots

Sooo many styles, so little time.  How fun are these?  I like a fun, crazy shoe though, so I am in no way impartial!  I would guess that a full 1/3 of my shoes have pattern to them.  These are around $80 from The Gap. 

And a bonus!


Robin Quick said...

I love boots too! Unfortunately my calves are very ummm thick lol so I cant wear a lot of the taller boots. But I love them regardless! I have a couple pairs of shorter boots that I wear a lot. I would like to have a pair of the short cowboy boots. I dont like high heels so those are perfect!

Ola said...

Adorable... I really love the rainboots, I think I need to go on a search for those!

Thank you so much for sharing!!!


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