Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sawdust Festival - Laguna Beach, CA

The Sawdust Festival has been an annual summer celebration in my family. In fact, I made my first visit when I was just a few weeks old! We usually go one of the first two or three weekends of the fair, then a couple more times during the run.

The Sawdust Festival has been around for 35+ years, yet continues to be fresh and cutting edge. Showcasing more than 200 artists and artisans in all fields of creativity, there's something for everyone. They even have a guy that does glass blowing in the middle of the festival grounds!

My first memory of buying something (at all!) was a sterling whale ring at the Sawdust Festival. Wyland, the famous Marine Life artist had just done a mural locally, and I was obsessed with whales and dolphins. The ring needed to be sized and the metalsmith asked us to come back in about half an hour. Being 3 or so, I really didn't understand and thought I wasn't getting my ring. I cried and carried on while we looked around. Finally, when we went back to the booth, the guy felt so bad that he gave me a pair of dolphin earrings, too. I was in 7th heaven!

Over the years, some of my favorite items have come from the fair.  A personalized set of notecards - no one ever has Greta items!  A scarf.  The whale ring that I had until it was recently (~2 years ago) lost in a move.  My first toe ring.  The first piece of grown up art.  And, probably most importantly, my absolute love of things that are quality, unique and handmade.

This is the last week for the summer show.  If you're in the area, and have been thinking about going, do it! 

The summer show runs from the last weekend in June through the last weekend in August. Hours are 10am to 10pm daily.

$7.75 Adult one-day
$6.25 Senior one-day (65+)
$3.25 Children (6-12)
Free Children (5 & under)
$15.00 Season pass
$20.00 Annual pass (Gets you into the Summer & Winter fairs)


Sawdust Festival
Laguna Beach, CA

Photos, clockwise from top left: Christopher Jeffries - Glass Blower, Olivia Batchelder - silk painter, Annette Wimmer - painter, Catherine Reade - jeweler.


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