Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Ugly Place: It's Time to Change

I recently moved from "our" house into my apartment.  Our house that had the great furniture that we had hunted down and lovingly refinished.  The great artwork that went perfectly with the refinished furniture.  The pillows that made everything homey and oh-so-comfy.

My new place has, well, me.  And frankly, it's kind of sad. I've yet to put up any artwork.  I haven't made - or even purchased - any pillows.  No tchochkies.  Heck, I've only unpacked the things that I really needed.  Well, that's about to change!  Here's a few inspirations for a freshening up of your space:

1. Bottlecap Tray from Sweet Something Designs
2. Wheat Pillows from V and Co.
3. Chickenwire Memo Board from Under the Sycamore
4. Gather Up Pillow from Pink Chalk Studio

lead pic from


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